QA/QC Program and Plan

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At Quartet Engineers, we maintain proper quality control and assurance guidelines in conjunction with ISO 17025 guidelines. This includes record-keeping, training, and calibrations of all testing equipment and personnel, as well as coordination with outside accreditation agencies, such as A2LA, and proficiency testing programs, such as CCRL and AMRL. We have a laboratory quality system that maintains calibration certificates that establish the traceability of measurement standards or in-house equipment used for calibration. The calibration certificates also include estimates of uncertainty in measurement.
We maintain calibration of all testing tools and equipment through an ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory. Reference equipment and tools at Quartet Engineers are calibrated by outside agencies annually to verify traceability as per NIST. We participate in sample proficiency testing (PT) as described in R103 of ISO 17025 – General Requirements: Proficiency Testing for ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratories and the Annex to the A2LA general requirements for sample proficiency testing document (R103a).
Furthermore, we follow Section 7.7 of ISO 17025 for “Ensuring the validity of results.” Pre-defined criteria for acceptance of quality control data are established, and plans are documented in terms of actions to be taken when data is outside of the pre-defined criteria. We have a procedure for monitoring the validity of results, and the resulting data is recorded in such a way that trends are detectable, and where practicable, statistical techniques are applied to review the results. The review of the Log for Test Result Validity is done in the second quarter of each year to ensure that we maintain the highest level of quality control and assurance for our clients.

Liability Insurance

Insurance Coverage Description Coverage Amount
Professional Liability Insurance This coverage protects our clients from damages caused by errors or omissions in the professional services we provide. Per Claim Limit: $1M
Aggregate Limit: $2M
General Liability Insurance This coverage protects our clients from damages caused by bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury that may arise from our operations. Each occurrence: $1M
Damage to Rented Premises: $1M
Med Expenses (any one person): $10K
Personal and Adv. Injury: $1M
General Aggregate: $2M
Products-Comp/Op Aggregate: $2M
Workers’ Compensation Insurance This coverage provides benefits to our employees who are injured or become ill while on the job. E.L. each incident: $1M
E.L. Disease – Each employee: $1M
E.L. Disease – Policy Limit: $1M
Automobile Liability Insurance This coverage protects our clients from damages caused by accidents involving our company vehicles. Combined Single Limit: $1M
Umbrella/ Excess Liability This coverage provides additional protection to our clients above and beyond the limits of our other liability coverages in case of a catastrophic event or loss. Each occurrence: $2M
Aggregate: $2M

We offer reliable material testing for all projects.